Firearm Transfers Consignments
  • We perform transfers only from Federal Firearms License holders.
  • You must make arrangements with Bullseye personally to make a transfer. If this is not done, the transfer will be refused.
  • The transfer fee is $40.00 per firearm (plus tax).
  • A NICS background check is required prior to transfer.
  • Refusal / returns of firearms are at transferee expense.
  • We will be happy to put any firearm for sale on consignment.
  • Our consignment fee is 20% of the sale price.
  • You must sign a consignment contract prior to placing firearm on sale.
  • Consignments are for a minimum of ninety (90) days, and a maximum of one calendar year.
  • If you are taking a firearm off consignment, you will be required to undergo a NICS background check to retrieve your firearm.
Return Firearm to Manufacturer
  • If the firearm was purchased from Bullseye, there will be no return charge.

  • If the firearm was NOT purchased from Bullseye, return fee is $50.00 per firearm (plus any applicable repair charges).
We Buy, Sell and Trade Used Firearms!
Please call Fred @ 972-780-1807 for any additional information.